Clinique Skin Care Review

Hey Guys! I’m happy to say that this blog is in collaboration with Clinique. As I’m new to blogging I feel so happy to be given this opportunity. And I think it is fantastic that the company is reaching out and supporting local bloggers! The Clinique that I collaborated with was the UK Boots Clinique […]

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BeautyBay Haul!

Hey Guys, I received some products today that I bought off one of my favourite make up websites, So I thought I would share the products I bought, what they look like, swatches and what my first impressions are. What I bought! The Juviasplace masquerade palette! I chose this palette as I wanted to […]

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The war on eczema!

How the war started… My eczema greeted me on Christmas morning, my eyes swollen out to the bridge of my nose. I’ve always had to deal with dry skin but it definitely took a turn for the worst. I wasn’t even aware that I had eczema before this, at first I was under the impression […]

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