Trying strange Instagram trends

Hey guys, I decided to write this blog as I’ve been seeing some weird and wonderful make up trends across Instagram. Some of them really did make me chuckle, but I did have to admire how even the strange ones did look pretty complex to do. So I thought id give some of them a go!

The Wavy Brow Trend

This strange trend has been going viral over Instagram over the past couple of weeks. As weird as It is, you have to admire the skill! it definitely wasn’t easy! It takes me long enough to do my brows as it is, without having to throw a bunch of waves into the mix! After many attempts the way I did the wavy brow was using a brow wax to stick my brow hairs down in a wavy position. I then used my Precisely my brow pencil by Benefit, to mark out the waves and then fill them in. Its definitely not as simple as it looks. I decided to only wave the end of my brow and the top wasn’t happening for me!


The Bright eyeliner Trend

I actually have fallen in love with this trend, its such a good way of switching up your makeup! and creating a vibrant look! I have done this before by changing up my normal black/brown eyeliner with a more vibrant colour or even a dark blue or green. As I don’t have many vibrant eyeliners, I used Jeffree Star cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks to create this bright red wing, as they are eye safe which is amazing.


Glossy Eyes Trend

I’ve seen this eye trend floating around for some time now, its probably the most simple trend to recreate, but there are lots of ways you could jazz this trend up, by using colour, glitter or what ever takes your fancy. There are more products out there now to recreate this look but the most basic way to recreate it and by spending a fraction of the cost is by using Vaseline, or an oil based lip balm.


Glitter Lips Trend

I have been seeing this trend for a while now, but who doesn’t love glitter? This trend is a pretty messy and frustrating trend to do and to take off. But the results of this can look beautiful! I chose to do two types of glitter, and a lip glitter glue. If I was to do it again I would of lined my lips first with a lip liner to create a more crisp finish. But my lips were still glittery AF so I was happy!


Sunset Eyes Trend

Out of the bunch this is probably the most wearable for everyday. This one was probably my favourite as I love using warm eyeshadow shades! This trend is using sunset eyeshadow shades to give the illusion of a sunset on your eyes. I used two different eyeshadow palettes to create this look, I used the Violet Voss x Nicole Concillio Palette and the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I used to orange shades from the Violet Voss palette on my lids and the pinks and purple from the Huda Beauty Palette for my crease, I then went into the gold shades from the Violet Voss Palette on the centre of my lid for a pop of shimmer.


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