Winners and Sinners

This blog is going to be based on products that I have fallen in love with and products which have been put into the bad bin! I will be doing a blog like this at the end of every month to say what products have worked for me and what didn’t!


  1. Juvias Place Masquerade Palette – This palette is packed with pigmentation and has some warm tones and bold pops of colour! this palette is perfect when I want to pump up an eye look. I am definatly gravitating towards this palette when I’m trying to do a bright colourful and eye catching look. The formula is really creamy and I will definatly be keeping this palette! To see more on this palette see BeautyBay Haul!
  2. Stilla Putty Highlighter – I was so confused about this highlighter as it has a ‘putty like’ formula. I wanted to try this highlighter because I thought it was so unique. You definitely cant use this highlighter like you would a powder highlighter. You will want to use a denser brush or beauty blender to get the full effect of this highlighter. It has a beautiful pearly pink tone which I’ve fallen in love with.
  3. Rose Gold Huda Beauty Palette- I love creating a number of looks with this palette, you can easily make an every day look with this palette as well as a full glam eye look. The formula is more powdery than creamy with the matte shades in the palette, but they have a lot of pigment. The textured metallic shades in the palette are extremely creamy and pack a punch! I love using the shimmer shades on the lid to make an eye look really pop!
  4. Nicole Conillio x Violet voss palette – This palette has such a large range of shades that can make so many different looks. The matte shades have great pigmentation, and blend beautifully. The shimmer shades are in your face with pigment, high shine and creamy in formula. The packaging of this palette is also gorgeous! to see more about this palette see Reviewing the Violet Voss Nicole Concilio Eyeshadow Palette
  5. Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Snowcone – This highlighter is perfect for the summer, it is a beautiful gold shade that compliments medium and olive skin tones beautifully. It has become my everyday summer highlighter! I haven’t found a highlighter that compliments my skin tone better than this!img_4368
  6. Loreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation – There was a few things a interested me about this foundation. The fact that it comes in a cushion was new to me, I had never tried a cushion foundation before. This foundation is a dewy foundation which is great as I have dry skin and I love products that will give me a healthy glow.  After using I found that it gave good coverage, but looked like my skin as it had a realistic healthy glow. The foundation was not heavy and felt like nothing on my skin. The cushion style is also perfect for travelling. I apply this foundation with my beauty blender.
  7. Benefit Roller Lash – First of all the packaging of this product is super cute! And the way it performs is amazing. It really does lengthen and curl your lashes. The mascara had a black ink colour to it, and the colour and curl holds for the whole day! It also has ingredients such as B5 and serin to condition lashes.
  8. Benefit Precisely my brow pencil – This pencil has a really fine applicator that creates realistic hair like marks. It can also create a great sharp tail to the brow. It doesn’t smudge or budge and lasts all day. As always the packaging is amazing was beautiful in benefits style and the fact that is had a spoolie build into the applicator won me over!
  9. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Hunty- I love so many of the lipsticks in the Jeffree Star Collection but this one in particular is such a great every day nude. Most Nude shades I see have a very pinky undertone or are just plain pink. A lot of those lipsticks don’t look like a nude on me! A lot of them tend to wash me out, so it was nice to see a more caramel, golden undertone nude, that looked like a real nude on me! this has become my go to nude shade for every day.facetune-6


  1. Smashbox photo finish primer in colour adjust – The reason I didn’t like this primer wasn’t to do with the actual formula of the primer or the way it kept my foundation I place, it was actually the colour correcting aspect. It really didn’t help to counteract the redness on my face, I feel that if your looking for a product to cover up the redness on your face, your better off going for an actually colour correcting concealer or stick.

    2.Loreal-Infallable total cover foundation- This foundation has good covering power, but what I didn’t like is the formula of this foundation. It was the thickest heaviest foundation I’ve ever used. It seems to sit on top of the skin rather than blend into it. It gave the look of a film on top of my skin. I’ve only used this product once and I definatly wont be using it again. If your looking for a good full coverage foundation Millani perfect and conceal foundation is a good affordable option, Or Estee Lauder double wear foundation which is on higher end in price.

    3.MAC-Extra.Dimension Skin Finish-  I got this highlighter a while ago, its got a due tone of white to pinky/purple. the duo chrome effect it really cool but it doesn’t reflect or give that shine effect that I really look for in a highlighter. I used this product a few times but so many more amazing highlighter have come out and pushed this product further and further into the back of my bad bin.

    4.EsteeLauder.PureColourEnvy- For a product that’s named pure colour envy, you would expect this lip glass to have a lot more pigmentation. The colour barley shows up on the lips. I purchased the shade Shell Game, which is orange coral shade which I thought was going to be beautiful, so I was very disappointed to see that it didn’t have much colour pay off. The formula of this product is also extremely tacky and sticky! so if you wear it you better not wear your hair down, hair sticking to yours lips is not a cute look. On an arm swatch the colour shows up okay but on the lips the colour just disappears. If your looking for a pigmented gloss id recommend the Jouer Cosmetics high pigment gloss, they are also more affordable.

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