Clinique Skin Care Review

Hey Guys! I’m happy to say that this blog is in collaboration with Clinique. As I’m new to blogging I feel so happy to be given this opportunity. And I think it is fantastic that the company is reaching out and supporting local bloggers! The Clinique that I collaborated with was the UK Boots Clinique in Aylesbury. I want to reassure everyone that even though this is a collab blog, I have not been told what to say and have been given free reign to say my honest opinion which gives me greater respect for the brand.

What they did for me in-store

I came in for my appointment with the Lovely Chloe, who sat me down and asked me questions about my skin type to then get a better understanding out the products she would recommend for my skin type. I explained that I have dry sensitive skin and can get eczema outbreaks on my face.

She then asked me what my usual skin routine is and the products I’m using at the moment, to see what skin care products I use daily see The war on eczema! She then introduced me to some similar products from Clinique that would fit perfectly into the routine I’m currently using. Which is great for me as I get stuck in my skin care routine! Whilst introducing these products to me she then used them on my face to see how they worked with my skin and to see if I liked them.

Overall the customer service was brilliant, Chloe was extremely helpful in finding the products that were going to work for me the best. Chloe also has very good at explaining the products to me and showing me the benefits of each products for my skin.


The products I received

  1. Take the Day off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for Face and Eyes
  2. Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent
  3. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
  4. 2-in 1 cleansing micellar gel + Make up remover
  5. Chuppy Stick Sculpting Highlight
  6. High Impact Mascara – black
  7. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer – Punch Pop
  8. Cosmetics Bag
  9. Extra Gentle cleansing foam
  10. Clarifying Lotion – twice a day exfoliator


The review of the products

  1. Take the day off micellar cleansing towelettes

These wipes are saturated in micellar cleansing water, to take off makeup and cleanse the skin. These were really useful for on the go or late nights, It took off my face-makeup beautifully and really left my skin feeling refreshed and clean. This is a relief as most wipes leave my skin irritated and red. I would definatly purchase these!


2. Rinse- Off eye make up solvent

I can honestly say this was the product I sceptical about as other eye make up removers in the past have really irritated my skin leaving them feeling dry, red and irritated. Which often caused eczema breakouts on my face. But this product really did surprise me, it took off my eye makeup so quickly without it smearing all over my face. which meant I could be gentle to my skin as there was no need to rub and scrub it off. This is another product I can ensure I will be purchasing!


3. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I was actually using a similar product to this, as I was using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cream. Which is a gel formula cream that sinks into the skin quickly. Chloe said this cream was ‘like a drink of water for your skin’ and she really wasn’t wrong. I have fallen in love with Gel based formulas to hydrate my skin! I can feel this product being soaked up and leaving my face feeling super hydrated, it has actually hydrated my skin for longer throughout the day than any other creams I’ve used in the past, And a little really does go a long way! Again another product I think will become part of my daily routine, LOVE IT! Fun tip, you can also use these little bad boys as a five minute mask if your skin needs a little extra loving!


4.  Extra Gentle Cleansing foam

I’ve tried plenty of foaming cleansers, but none of them leave my skin feeling the way this one did! most foaming cleansers leave my skin feeling very clean but at the same time really tight and dry, which my skin is not a fan of! This cleanser left my skin feeling clean, and smooth and not tight at all! I use this product with my cleansing brush, but you can also use with your hands. I would also purchase this product to fit into my daily routine.

5. 2-in 1 cleansing micellar gel + light make up remover

I used this product as my second cleanse after using the gentle cleanse foam, This was replacing my simple micellar water, which I run out of really quickly! In the gel form I found a little went I really long way, and didn’t need to use as much as I usually would with the water. I also felt that the gel formulation hydrated my skin more than the water/liquid micellar formulas. This product would be great for travelling or even things like festivals and camping! This might even replace my good and trusted micellar water. In the picture on the right you will see why its always a good idea to double cleanse.

6.Clarifying Lotion

This product really intrigued me as id never used or heard of a liquid exfoliator. Also I was scared as exfoliators and my skin are not the best of friends, as my eczema likes to visit me. But I went in with an open mind as I have never used a liquid exfoliator before. This product is alcohol free which is great news for my skin. its non drying and definatly helped deal with any dry patches I was having without irritating my skin. An exfoliator was not in my daily skin care routine but after using this it might have to be!


7. High Impact Mascara

This mascara claims to make eyelashes look longer and bolder, which a deep colour that adds impact. As you can see in the picture below the mascara definatly added length to my lashes as well as a deep black colour. I was actually very impressed with the result! if this mascara could add a slight more bit of curl to my lashes it would perfect, but I could get that result using a eyelash curling tool before application.

8. Chubby Stick Highlighter

This product is a Luminous highlighting cream with light reflecting particles to bring your features forward. This highlighter can a pinkish/pearl tone to it, and anyone who is into a healthy natural/glowing from within kind of glow I really think it would be perfect for you! As I like my highlighters to blind! I think I would use this product on more natural no make up make up days! The formula of this product is beautiful its super creamy and wont remove any of your foundation underneath, which I have found with other highlighter sticks.

9. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer – Punch Pop

This product claims to have a weightless formula, with bold colour with a smoothing primer, it claims that the lipstick colour lasts 8 hours, It also claims to keep lips moisturized over time, I get very dry chapped lips so we will see how it handles my lips. I must say I wasn’t expecting to like the colour of this lipstick, as its not more normal go to choice, but when I applied it I fell in love! this colour would be perfect for a bright summer look! The formula of the lipstick has to be one of the most hydrating feeling lipsticks I’ve ever used! and they didn’t lie when they said it was weightless! I think I’m going to be purchasing some more shades!


New Collab Collection

The new collaboration with Clinique and Jonathan Adler, He designed to new collection with Clinique, it was inspired by his favourite destinations such as Palm Beach, Capri and Santorini. He wanted to look bright, bold and fresh! and I can definatly say I am in love with the packaging, it reminds be of summer and holidays (we don’t get a lot of that in the UK).


The collection:

  • Limited Edition Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer (comes in 11 shades)
  • Limited Edition Chick Colour Kit
  • Luxe Brush collection
  • Limited Edition Cheek Pop (comes in 2 shades)
  • Limited Edition Lid Pop (comes in 4 shades)
  • Limited Edition Great Skin By Design


New deals at Clinique

In store- To get the rinse of eye make up remover, high impact mascara, moisture surge gel, micellar cleansing wipes, choppy highlight stick, limited edition Jonathan alder lipstick in your choice of colour (plum or punch pop) all you have to do is buy one either skin Care product or foundation and something from the new Jonathan alder collection.  This deal ends Saturday 12th so don’t miss out!

You can also get free foundation samples in store! If you want to try before you buy!

Online- Right now if a good time to shop! as you can get Three free skin care sample when you spend £40, which includes a 7 day scrub, moisture surge concentrate and Brighten pep-start eye cream. 

And a Free Limited Edition Jonathan Adler Tote Bag when you buy two make up purchases (one of which has to be from the Jonathan Adler Collection). And Finally a 50% sale on selected products online!





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