Testing out Benefits Hoola products!

Hoola Lite Bronzer

Right off the bat!

Right off the bat I was scepticle about this bronzer. When opening the box I was suprised to see it was much lighter than my other bronzers. As I have an olive skin tone I was unsure how much this bronzer would show up!


But I was surprised to see that it gave me a really beautiful bronzed glow, the product blended out like butter! And definitely didn’t give me the dreaded muddy look! As it’s not as dark as my other bronzers, I found I has able to layer this bronzer up to get the right amount of intensity that I was looking for.

Throughout the day?

This bronzer stayed beautiful all day! No muddy look, no fading!

Final thoughts

since purchasing this product, I now use it on a regular basis! It has become my new go to bronzer! It hasn’t let me down once!

Hoola Quickie Contour Stick

Right off the bat!

first things first, I love the gold packaging on the contour stick! The contour stick is definitely a darker brown to the Hoola light. The formula of the contour stick is very creamy, with a lot of pigment!


As the formula of the contour stick is very creamy it allowed the product to glide onto the skin smoothly. I then chose to use a beauty blender to blend out the contour, I was impressed how quickly the contour blended out, again like butter! It left an over flawless natural looking contour, which could be built up for a more chiselled contour look.

Throughout the day?

The only downside to this product is that due to how creamy the formula is without setting this product it can fade, or can become oily on oily skin types.

Final Thoughts

Overall I have really enjoyed playing around with the product, I have also used this multiple times. I am definitely stuck in my ways of powdered contour but this product was swayed me! I will definitely be keeping this in my make up bag!

Where to buy

Where to buy

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